2017 Summer Clothing Haul and Try On Part 1


I’ve bought a bunch of summer clothing recently that I decided to share with you.  Part 2 will be coming soon.  Subscribe so you don’t miss it and let’s get into this 2017 Summer Clothing Haul and Try On Part 1!


The Haul


2017 Summer Clothing Haul and Try On Part 1

Lovers + Friends Sebastian Crop Top

Price : $128

Mesh tops and embroidered flowers have been super trendy lately.  I picked up this one from Lovers + Friends off of Revolve to try out the style myself.  The mesh overlay has swiss dots and embroidered roses while the simple bralette offers coverage.  This crop top is meant to go with a matching skirt, which I bought, but returned because I didn’t really like it.  It gave off a Spanish feel with the length and rose motifs.  If you are wanting to try out a top like this, I would recommend finding one for a lower price because there are a lot of less expensive options now.


2017 Summer Clothing Haul and Try On Part 1

Lola Shoetique Lavish Pursuit

Price : $30.99

I adore Lola Shoetique for their quality, trendy shoes at low prices.  I got this pair for my birthday in the style Lavish Pursuit in the mauve satin color.  There is a cute bow on the outside of the ankle and the heal is 4.5 inches.  I love the color of these shoes because I didn’t have any pink shoes before and pink is such a must-have color at the moment.  I would completely recommend giving a look to Lola Shoetique if you haven’t already.  They also have clothing which I have never tried, but at great prices and on-trend silhouettes.


2017 Summer Clothing Haul and Try On Part 1

Kate Spade Highland Place Bee Wristlet

Price : $78 $39.97

It’s great to have a little wristlet wallet just to put my cards and my phone in when I am going somewhere quick.  I had a Coach one, but it was breaking and didn’t fit my phone.  So, I decided to replace it with this one from Kate Spade.  I got it in black so it would be versatile and I like the front zip pocket for any other little things I might need.  If you are looking for a little wristlet, the Kate Spade ones are great quality and you can often find them on sale.


2017 Summer Clothing Haul and Try On Part 1

LA Hearts Crushed Velvet Romper

Price : $39.95 $25.00

I got mine in the blue shade, but they now only have it in mocha and rust which are still very cute.  I love the loose fit of the shorts and the softness of the velvet.  The low strappy back is also gorgeous.  This is a perfect piece for summer.  If you are interested, this romper is now on sale at a great price.


2017 Summer Clothing Haul and Try On Part 1

MantraBand Enjoy the Journey Bracelet

Price : $35.00

For my birthday, I received my fourth MantraBand.  MantraBand has a collection of thin bracelets with motivational sayings on them.  This one is in rose gold and says “Enjoy the Journey.”  You can also buy them in gold, silver, or moon gray.  They have also recently came out with dainty necklaces.  I highly recommend checking them out and they make excellent gifts.


2017 Summer Clothing Haul and Try On Part 1

Coach Cropped Mod Jacket

Price : $1,595 $300

Let’s start by noting I did not pay full price for this jacket, but I can not find it online for a trustworthy discounted price.  I have wanted a leather jacket for a long time, but they are quite pricey so I never invested.  This one is nicely fitted with a slight sheen.  It has that vintage feel and is cropped to hit above the waist.  Leather jackets are expensive so if you can find one you love on sale, go for it.



That’s it for my 2017 Summer Clothing Haul and Try On Part 1.  Some of these products, you can certainly use these products for inspiration.  I hope you all are having a great summer and will come back for part 2 and maybe part 3 of this haul.  Make sure to subscribe and I’ll see you in my next post!


I hope you liked this 2017 Summer Clothing Haul and Try On Part 1…

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