Anastasia Modern Renaissance Review


One word: stunning.


The Review:

This is a near perfect eyeshadow palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills.  First of all, I love the velvety mauve packaging.   When you open the palette (secured magnetically) there are 14 shades in neutral to berry tones inspired by Renaissance colors.  There is also a double ended brush with one side for blending (which is a little scratchy) and one denser side for more precision.  According to Anastasia, there are 12 ultra-matte shadows, 1 metallic, and 1 satin.  However, some of the ultra mattes have shimmer or iridescent in them.  Costing $42, the quality is outstanding.  The shadows are rich in pigmentation and so soft.  Because of this, they can be quite powdery, but I haven’t noticed any fallout when applied to the eyes.   Currently, this is my favorite eyeshadow palette.  Anastasia Beverly Hills has quickly risen to one of my top favorite brands.  Between their brow products, glow/contour kits, and now their eyeshadows, they are consistently hitting the mark.  Anastasia did an amazing job, it is 100% worth the hype, and in my opinion, has a very reasonable price.


The Swatches:

Starting off with the first row from left to right:

Tempera is a beige shade that is supposed to be ultra-matte but has a satin sheen.  I use this to set my eyeshadow primer and/or to highlight the brow bone.

Golden Ochre is a yellowy fawn color great for a warm transition shade.  It also has a slight sheen.

Vermeer is a standard peachy pink champagne with a metallic sheen.  It is nice for a highlight on the lid or inner corners.

Buon Fresco is a unique matte purple mauve.  It is a really pretty transition shade when working with the burgundy tones.

Antique Bronze is a medium brown with pinky reflect.

Love Letter is a beautiful matte raspberry.

Cyprus Umber is a deep matte taupe brown.  Perfect for darkening the outer v or smudge along the lower lash line.


Moving onto the second row from left to right:

Raw Sienna is a matte medium yellow brown and great to build up the crease.

Burnt Orange is a matte medium orange brown.  I use this to really warm up a look.

Primavera is a warm metallic gold.  It is a classic lid shade that works well with neutral shadows as well as the burgundy ones.

Red Ochre is a medium-dark brick shade.  It is nice for the crease or outer v to blend the red tones in seamlessly.

Venetian Red is a pinky red similar to Love Letter, but not as rich.  Venetian Red has a subtle sheen.

Warm Taupe is a medium matte taupe brown.

Realgar is unique medium orange brown.


Final Thoughts

In conclusion, if you like burgundy tones, get this palette ASAP.  You won’t regret it.  If the warm reddish tones aren’t your favorite, wait for another palette from Anastasia.  If they continue using this beautiful formula, you won’t regret it!

Buy the Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette here.



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*Some photo credit goes to Jasmine Hwang

Amanda Hwang


  1. Thanks so much for doing this! I’ve been thinking about this one but I don’t have any friends who use Anastasia so I haven’t been sure, haha!

    Josephine |

    • Thank you for checking out my blog! I will definitely be checking out yours because I remember how pretty your nails on Instagram were! 🙂

    • Just realized that I never replied to this! Let me know what you think of it. The quality is great but I know a lot of people who don’t like it because of the colors.

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