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Colourpop has become one of the top brands in the beauty industry, although you can only purchase from their website (  This is due to their very low prices, frequent collaborations with beauty gurus, unique formulas, and a great selection of high quality products.  For some reason, I have never purchased from their site until now.  And I wish I had bought stuff earlier because I am thrilled with everything.  I’ve had these products for about a month and have used each of these products multiple times, so it isn’t exactly a first impression.


Super Shock Shadows



(from right to left : sequin, game face, mittens, bae)


If you are not familiar with the super shock shadows, they have a very interesting consistency.  Squishy to the touch, but not quite a regular cream, they provide rich pigmentation with each swipe.  For the most intense coverage, it is recommended to use your fingertips, but a flat synthetic brush will also work well.  To blend these shadows, use a fluffy synthetic brush.  Make sure to screw the cap on tight or else the shadow will dry out and not perform as well as they should.  They come in many different finishes: pearlized, matte, metallic, satin, glitter sheer, ultra-metallic, and pressed pigment.  They are all $5.



The first shadow I got was sequin, a coppery metallic shade with silver and gold glitter.  It is a great shade to use as an all over lid color.  I packed it on with my finger and then buffed out the edges with a Sigma E25 brush.  The only downside was some glitter fallout after application.



The next shadow is called game face.  It is similar to sequin, but has more brown in it and it is an ultra-metallic finish.  When I use this with sequin, I like to blend it into the outer corner.



This shadow is called mittens which has a matte finish.  It is a deep warm brown with a reddish purple undertone.  It is perfect to deepen the crease and outer v.



The last shadow I got was Bae, an extremely unique metallic duo chrome.  In the pan, it looks like a black with blue glitter.  However, it is actually a rich eggplant color with emerald and turquoise duo chrome glitter.


Crème Gel Liner



(Boots swatch)


Colourpop has both potted Crème Gel Colours and pencil Crème Gel Liners.  While I did not get the potted version, I have heard that people like the pencil versions more.  Both come in a variety of shades from black to gold to lavender.  And with a price point of just $5 for the liners ($6 for the potted colours), you can justify purchasing the neon yellow that you will rarely ever wear.  They come in both matte and metallic finishes (the potted version also comes in a glitter finish).



I got the shade Boots in the liner form.  It is a true hot pink that glides on effortlessly and stays put throughout most of the day.  I did see a tiny bit of pink where I did not originally put it, but I am still very happy with the wear.  In the summer I love to do bright pops of color in the lower waterline and I really recommend Colourpop’s liners to get the job done.


Super Shock Cheek



(Wisp swatch)


I also wanted to try out one of Colourpop’s Super Shock Cheek products.  They feel like the same formula as the Super Shock Shadows but come in highlighter, blush, and bronzer form.  All of the highlighters come in a pearlized finish and cost $8.



I went with the cult favorite, Wisp, a golden champagne highlighter.  Not only do I use this highlighter on my cheekbones, but I also use it to highlight my cupid’s bow and brow bone, and as an eyeshadow.  For my cheekbones, I like to use the Sigma F55 duo fiber brush which gives a gorgeous airbrushed effect, but I will use my fingers for smaller areas and for maximum pigmentation.


Lippie Primer



Before we get into the lip products that I bought, I wanted to discuss the lip primer.  Costing $5, it is supposed to enhance the wear time of any lip product while moisturizing with a variety of butters and Vitamin E.  A unique feature of the product is that it contains small spherical beads that fill in fine lines.  While I do not regret purchasing the lippie primer, I do think that you can just use a lip balm as a base if you don’t want to buy a primer.


Lippie Stix



(from left to right : cami, topanga, brink)


The lippie stix are basically twist-up lipsticks in a thinner tube.  They are moisturizing and have a nice slanted edge for easy application. There are is an extremely large shade selection that comes in many finishes: pearlized, matte, crème, matte x, satin luxe, sheer, satin, glossy, and glitter sheer.  They also only cost $5.



The first shade I got was cami, a neutral mauve pink.  It is in the newly launched matte x finish, which is even more matte than the regular matte finish.  It is like a matte liquid lipstick, but more comfortable and easy to swipe on.



The second of my lippie stix is in the shade topanga.  It is a mid-tone, dusty coral in a satin finish.



The last shade I got was brink, a warm dusty taupe in a matte finish.  This is an example of Colourpop’s frequent collabs, as this shade was curated by instagrammer @brittanysuleiman.  It was inspired by the Kylie lip and is a beautiful every day color.


Ultra Satin Lips



(frick n’ frack swatch)


The satin lips are newer than the ultra matte lips which we will discuss soon.  They are slightly more comfortable than the ultra matte lips, but they do transfer and wear off slightly quicker.  They cost $6 and come with a doe-foot applicator.



I got the shade Frick N’ Frack, a rosy terracotta color.


Ultra Matte Lips



(from left to right : tulle, bumble)


The last category of products that I have from Colourpop is their famous Ultra Matte Lips.  Costing $6 and coming in a huge shade selection, I love these liquid lipsticks.  Many people complain about them being painfully drying, and it definitely is drying.  If you can’t handle any dryness, stay far away from this liquid lipstick.  I always exfoliate my lips beforehand and apply a lip balm or the lippie primer.



The first shade is tulle, a dusty mauve burgundy.



The other shade is bumble, a dusty warm terracotta.



Overall, I love everything that I got and I would absolutely recommend Colourpop products.  For the quality of the products, the price is unbeatable.  Sign up on their email list to get $5 off, the cost of a lippie stix!


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*Some photo credit goes to Jasmine Hwang


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