2017 Summer Clothing Haul and Try On Part 2


I am so excited to bring to you part 2 of my Summer Clothing Haul!  I absolutely love a lot of the pieces in this part so I can’t wait to share them.  Let’s not waste any more time and get into this 2017 Summer Clothing Haul and Try On...Read More »

2017 Summer Clothing Haul and Try On Part 1


I’ve bought a bunch of summer clothing recently that I decided to share with you.  Part 2 will be coming soon.  Subscribe so you don’t miss it and let’s get into this 2017 Summer Clothing Haul and Try On Part 1!


The Haul


Lovers + Friends Sebastian Crop Top

Price : $128

Mesh...Read More »

Rad.Co Review and Try On


One of my favorite things to do on Instagram is to find new clothing brands.  That’s how I came across this one–called specializes in “curating artists, brands and celebrities from around the world to collaborate on streetwear collections.”

I picked three things from them to try out.  Let’s get into this...Read More »

Takeover Tuesday-Tulle Skirts


Fun and Practical Ways to Style the Tulle Skirt

The classic tulle skirt is pretty, but most girls would think twice before wearing one. After all, no one wants to look like a ballerina babe on the streets! However, the tulle skirt is one of the underrated outfits, given that many...Read More »

DIY Choker and Fall OOTD


No trend has impacted this year’s fall fashion more than the choker.  There are thousands of options available on the market.  But why pay for something you can make yourself?


The Choker

Simply grab a pair of old tights and a pair of scissors.  I used ballet tights because the...Read More »

Mary Grace Swim Review


Summer is ending, but that won’t stop me from buying bathing suits.  My most recent purchase is from Mary Grace Swim, a small up-and-coming company.  I bought it on their online store,, one of the few places to pick up their swimsuits.  The top that stood out to...Read More »

Are All Safari Clothes Ugly?


When I think of safari clothes, my mind automatically goes to tan colors and khakis.  Not appealing, whatsoever.  As you are reading this, I am on a safari in Tanzania and I am not wearing khakis.  There is better stuff out there, it just takes a little more looking.  I’m not...Read More »

Summer Outfit Inspiration


Just because summer is winding down does not mean I am letting go of summer clothing quite yet.  Because you might be needing some inspiration this far into summer, I have chosen a total of five looks, each in a unique style.


For the Casual Shorts and Tank Top...Read More »

New At PacSun Try-On Haul


Without a doubt, PacSun is one of my favorite clothing stores. I have fallen in love with their soft, comfortable materials and trendy silhouettes.  Of course, not all the clothes in PacSun are created equal.  The Kendall and Kylie brand, Me to We, and of course Brandy Melville are my...Read More »