Five SPF Products Tried and Tested


There is no doubt about it.  SPF is a must throughout the year.  But with summer in full bloom, it is necessary to take extra precaution to stop sun damage.  These 5 products all come with SPF included.


Dermalogica Clear Start Oil Clearing Matte Moisturizer ($26.00 for 2.0 oz)

SPF: 15

This moisturizer is unique because not only does it hydrate your skin, but it also contains botanical oil-absorbers to control oily areas throughout the day.  It is very lightweight and easily absorbs into the skin.  I think this is the perfect product for people  that don’t want to use moisturizers and sunscreens because it makes them feel greasy.  If this describes you, then note that this will not make your oiliness worse.  However, it isn’t going to stop oil production either.  Many people complain about the scent because the botanicals used in this product are quite strong.  I don’t mind it too much because I do like how the product performs.



Fresh Sugar Sport Treatment Sunscreen ($25.00 for 0.2 oz)

SPF: 30

This wide stick sunscreen comes in a tube that you can wind up.  It is durable and water resistant, making it ideal for outdoor activities.  It is specifically designed to protect the lips, face, and eye area while being moisturizing with sugar and nourishing oils.  The stick glides on to the skin without too much tugging at the skin.  I think it is a great product for on the go.


Tarte Tarteguard 30 Sunscreen Lotion ($32.00 for 1.7 oz)

SPF: 30

This sunscreen comes in the cutest purple bottle with a rubbery cover around the actual bottle.  It is a non-chemical sunscreen that protects while moisturizing and brightening with special extracts.  It melts into the skin easily and has an ocean lily scent, but to me it smells more like regular sunscreen.  It is also vegan.  I’ve used this several times and I did break out once while using this so I would suggest trying a sample before purchasing.  I also don’t think it is really worth the money when you can get a drugstore sunscreen that will do the same basic thing.


Coola Daydream Mineral Primer ($42.00 for 1 oz)

SPF: 30

This primer is weightless and blends seamlessly into the skin.  I think it is very comparable to the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer which costs $52 and does not have SPF.  This product is cruelty free, great for all skin types, and comes with a handy pump.  It helps to adjust skin moisture for a dewy, non-greasy look.  I highly recommend this primer and can not say enough good things about it.  Makeup glides on smoothly over it and I am comforted in the fact that my skin is protected.


Supergoop Defense Refresh Setting Mist ($28.00 for 3.4 oz)

SPF: 50

This setting mist is unique in that it sets makeup, helps control oil, and defends against UV rays.  The scent is a mix of rosemary and mint and can be used as a primer spray as well.  The problem with this product is  the spray nozzle.  Sometimes the mist will be pretty even, sometimes it will come out in spurts.  I work with this because I do like the performance of the product.  However, there are other SPF setting sprays out there that will do the same thing, but with an even spray.  I suggest the one from Coola if you are interested in an SPF setting mist.


I know most of these products are on the pricier side.  However, consider them multiple products since they have sun protection along with their other uses.  I highly suggest checking some of these products out so you can keep your skin healthy this summer!  See you in my next post!


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*All photo credit goes to Jasmine Hwang

Amanda Hwang


  1. I have been checking out different sunscreens for the now hot days, but with sensitive skin, it’s hard to know which ones are really”sensitive skin” and which ones just have the label. This was a great post, I hope to buy one of these in the future!

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