Is Boxycharm Worth It?


Out of all of the beauty subscription boxes, Boxycharm is generally put at the top of the podium.  It boasts five full-size products worth over $100 each month for just $21 a month.  So, in monetary terms, it is definitely worth it.  It is also touted as consistent, with high quality products and brands that consumers are eager to get their hands on.  With all the high reviews and praises, I decided to try it out for myself.


The products come in this cardboard black box.  Tape holds the box together so it can’t be unintentionally opened.  When you open it, everything is neatly organized.  On top of a bed of confetti is a few cards.  One is a discount code for Pur Cosmetics which has a product in the box this month.  The other card tells you the theme of the month (this month’s theme is Glamping which I guess is glam+camping??) and on the back has product descriptions and pricing.  I’m not sure why it is called glamping because the products don’t relate to this theme.  But anyway, let’s move on to the product reviews.


The first thing I got in my box was from Project Beauty Hairgurt.  The smoothing yogurt mask is in the strawberry banana scent.  However, it smells more like cherry cough syrup and I kind of really enjoy it.  Retailing at $11.00 and made with yogurt protein, prebiotics, quinoa, a botanical oil blend and bio-keratin, the mask does a good job for the price.  I did notice smoothing properties that I really enjoyed for the price of this mask.  It isn’t my favorite mask, but I do recommend it.



The second thing was the Hikari Cosmetics Eye Liner which retails for $13.  This was an average black eye liner.  It wasn’t anything special for me because I felt like it wasn’t super pigmented or opaque.  It lasted okay on the waterline, but there was still some smudging.  I wasn’t that thrilled to receive this because I already have a lot of black eyeliners that work better.



The third thing I received was the butterLondon Trend Nail Lacquer in the shade Yummy Mummy.  This is a high-end nail polish brand costing $15.  I love the shade, a nude with a slight shimmer for sheen.  But this nude lacks pigmentation because it is a very thin formula and the brush is average.  It does go on very smoothly, but you will need at least two coats.



The fourth thing I got was my absolute favorite thing in the box.  It is the Pur Cosmetics Lip Lure in the shade Belle.  First of all, the color is a beautiful pinky nude.  The applicator is unique, with a shower-head like cushion applicator where product comes up as you twist the bottom.  The lip lacquer glides on with creamy pigmentation and hydration.  At $22, I highly recommend this lip product.



The fifth and last thing I got in the box was the Studio Makeup On the Go Palette.  It is crazy that you get a $49.95 eyeshadow palette in this $21 box.  This warm, neutral palette is very nice for everyday looks.  The middle coppery shimmer color is really beautiful.  The rest of the colors are average.  I like the lighter cream colored shades, but overall I don’t think this is worth $50.


For $111 of products in total, this box is definitely worth it.  The products are great and the price is great.  I have tried several other boxes and this one stands out as my favorite. So if you have an extra $21 and are looking for some surprise beauty products, try out Boxycharm!



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Amanda Hwang

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