Kat Von D Metal Matte Eyeshadow Palette Review


The Kat Von D metal matte palette was limited edition, but I am finally getting around to doing a full review on it.  I know it is now very hard to find, as it is sold out everywhere, but don’t worry.  I will address that if you just keep reading.  Let’s get into the review!



I know that Kat Von D herself designs most, if not all, of the fonts on her packaging and let’s just take a moment to admire how amazing this is.  If you flip it one way, it says metal.  If you flip it the other way, it says matte.  For some reason, I find this incredibly cool.

The palette is nice and slim, but very long which makes it bulky.  Don’t even think about traveling with this.   That is definitely a negative with this palette.

Color Selection

These colors lean more neutral to cool rather than the warm colors that are popping up everywhere at the moment.  I actually like that this palette is different and unique.  It has a wide range of more fun colors and staple neutrals (including both a white and a black).  I like that there are also transition shades (such as suede, feather, and fringe) for both neutral and colorful looks.  In addition, there are complementing mattes and shimmers so you can sweep a matte shade through the crease and pop a shimmer from the same color family on the lid.

Formula and Swatches

On left from top to bottom: flash, synergy, volt, twinkle, glitz, tinsel, ignite, watt, nebula On right from top to bottom: linen, jet, velour, stone, moss, ribbon, silk, fringe, feather, oak, suede, bone, velvet


In my opinion, Kat Von D powder products are top notch.  The shadows aren’t super buttery like you would normally expect a great eyeshadow to be.  Instead, they are drier, but very pigmented and blendable.  The mattes are good, but the metals are the highlight of this palette.  My favorites are nebula, flash, watt, and synergy and I also love the matte blue (velour).


The Look

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In this post, I am wearing velour through the crease and flash on the lid.



Overall, I really love this palette and do think it was worth the $60.  However, if you want it now, it is going to cost you about $100 on amazon or eBay.  So, I recommend going for Kat Von D’s metal crush individual eyeshadows.  They come in 10 shades in every color of the rainbow and some look very similar to the metals in the Metal Matte palette (for example, paranoid and nebula are similar, static age and tinsel are similar, synergy is available as a single shadow) for $21.

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*All photo credit goes to Jasmine Hwang


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