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Kylie Jenner is a controversial figure, but there is no doubt that she owns a very successful makeup line.  Starting with lip kits, she then ventured into lip glosses, metallic liquid lipsticks, potted liners, and even eyeshadow palettes.  Even with all the rave reviews of her lip kits, I assumed they would be nothing special.  People would buy anything she promotes, so I didn’t think she would care to put a lot of effort into her lip kits.  For the most part, I was wrong.


Metals (Kymajesty)dscn6693

I received a free Metal Matte Lipstick in the shade Kymajesty (limited edition) with my purchase.  This product got a lot of negative reviews due to the sheerness of the formula.  The Metals are Kylie’s collection of metallic liquid lipsticks.  Kymajesty is a metallic black with blue glitter reflection.  Unfortunately, I don’t care for the formula.  It is a little clumpy and sheer, resulting in a patchy application.  It is comfortable because it never dries down, but it also comes off easily.  When I wear bold colors like Kymajesty, I want them to stay in place all day.  Overall, I was glad this product was free because I would not suggest paying the normal price of $18.00 for it.

Making it Work

Luckily, it is possible to make this color work.  How? First, line and fully fill in your lips with a black lip liner or even eye liner.  Then, apply Kymajesty.  To shift the color slightly, you can apply a different color lipstick or liner under Kymajesty.  For example, a topping a purple lipstick with Kymajesty will create a metallic deep plum.   Lastly, to prolong wear time and increase color, I suggest topping Kymajesty with an eyeshadow.  I like to top it with a duo chrome brown/blue eyeshadow like Urban Decay’s Lounge or the bottom right shade in Wet n Wild’s Comfort Zone Palette (check out some Wet n Wild Dupes Tested here).  That’s a lot of work to go through, but it looks good it makes this shade wearable.



Lip Kits (Brown Sugar, Pumpkin)

Retailing at $29, Kylie Cosmetics lip kits include a matte liquid lipstick and pencil lip liner in matching shades.  The first shade I bought was brown sugar, a true yellow brown.  The second shade, and my absolute favorite, is Pumpkin, a mid-tone orange brown.  The lip liners are creamy and glide over the lips with ease.  The liquid lipsticks themselves are pigmented, long wearing, and perfect fall colors.  They are surprisingly very comfortable and apply easily with a doe foot applicator.





Final Thoughts

I thought the lip kits would be nothing special because a lot of people compare them to Colourpop’s Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks.  Although they are made in the same factory, Kylie’s are much less drying.  However, Kylie’s are about three times more expensive so it is really up to you where you want to spend your money.  If you are looking to buy a more expensive liquid lipstick and are interested in Kylie Cosmetics’ gorgeous color selection, then I highly recommend them.  However, if you want to conserve money and don’t care too much about comfort, get some of Colourpop’s Ultra Mattes.  Colourpop has a huge array of colors as well as a newer formula called Ultra Satins which are more comfortable, but slightly less long-wearing (See Colourpop Review here).  Overall, Kylie Cosmetics is one of my favorite liquid lipstick brands.  I would just be wary of the metallic collection.



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*All photo credit goes to Jasmine Hwang

Amanda Hwang

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  1. Kylie certainly is so controversial, isn’t she? But, I just bought some lip kits from her Black Friday sale, haha. Pumpkin and Brown Sugar looks so good on you, though!

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