Lean Protein Salad


I eat a salad almost every day.  I love to bring it to school for lunch because it is quick, easy, and healthy.  As a dancer, I need to fuel my body with protein and this recipe is the perfect one to do that.



Start with your favorite lettuce or green as the base of the salad.


Then it is time to add the main protein.  I like to use a pre-cooked chicken so it doesn’t take as much time.


Next, I like to add chickpeas for an added boost of protein as well as the fact that I love chickpeas.  If you prefer a different bean you could use that as well.

Instead of dressing, I go with some chopped almonds, the last protein in the recipe.  It gives a little bit of richer fattier flavor so I don’t feel like my salad tastes like grass.


Last but not least, I sometimes add in some extra vegetables or fruits.  I only add this in when I am eating the salad right away because it can make the greens soggy which I don’t enjoy.


Of course you can expand on this, but this is the easiest salad that still tastes great, fills you up, and is very nutritious.  Bon Appetite!



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Amanda Hwang

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  1. That last picture looks like it all pulled together. It looks delicious and healthy, a combo not many recipes have!

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