Worth the Hype? : Luxie Blending Brushes


Luxie Brushes have recently experienced a surge in popularity, likely because of their high quality to price ratio.  As luck would have it, I received a set of three Luxie blending brushes in my October Boxycharm (Is Boxycharm Worth It?  Click here to find out).  After trying them out, I can tell you that they are worth the hype.  Keep reading to find out why.


Luxie Brushes are both cruelty-free and vegan. They are handcrafted with synthetic bristles to be extremely soft and gentle enough for all skin types. An antibacterial coating keeps the brushes clean.  And luckily when you do clean them, there is no shedding.  There are currently three color collections available: rose gold (pink handles), onyx noir (black handles), and dreamcatcher (blue handles).



The first brush I received was the Rose Gold Tapered Blending Eye Brush #205.  This is the largest of the three blending brushes.  At about 3/4 the size of the famed Sigma E40, this brush can deposit transition colors perfectly for all eye shapes.  The stiffness of the bristles is just right to assure even color placement.  Priced at $12, the brush has amazing quality for the price.


The second brush was the Rose Gold Tapered Blending Brush #229.  Also $12, this brush is a touch smaller than the 205 to allow for an easily blended crease.  The brush keeps the pigment exactly where you place it, but can easily diffuse the color so there are no harsh lines.  This is the perfect blending crease brush.



The third and last brush was the Rose Gold Blending Brush #237.  At $12 like the others, this brush is the thinnest allowing for more detailed work.  The bristles are longer and less densely packed then the other brushes.  Product can be expertly swept through the outer v and blended to perfection.  This brush would work for even the smallest of eyelids.

Overall, the quality of Luxie Brushes are outstanding for the prices.  The multitude of blending brushes make sure that everyone has options.  Other brush brands sometimes do not take into account smaller eye shapes so I appreciate the abundance of brushes Luxie has to choose from.  If you are looking for affordable brushes, I highly recommend checking out Luxie brushes.



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Amanda Hwang

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