Luxury Makeup Products Worth the Hype?


Now that you have read my high end makeup products worth the hype high end edition, we are moving up a level to the luxury products.  Think Tom Ford, Kevyn Aucoin, Charlotte Tilbury price range.  I’m going to be even harsher on these products because of their higher price tag, but I’m honestly in love with most of these products.  Let’s get into this Luxury Makeup Products Worth the Hype post!


Shiseido Eyelash Curler

The Claims : Grabs every lash without pinching, good for all eye shapes, curl from base to tip

An eyelash curler is an eyelash curler.  It doesn’t matter if it is drugstore or luxury. Right?  Wrong.  This eyelash curler is so good and it should be since it costs $20.  My drugstore curlers always pinched my eyelids and didn’t always have a smooth curve.  This one gives the most beautiful natural curl and I would highly recommend it, especially if you are frustrated with drugstore curlers or have lashes that are hard to curl.


Kevyn Aucoin The Sculpting Contour Powder

The Claims : Easy to use, natural shading, ultra-sheer, waterproof and crease-proof

At $44, this contour powder comes with a high price tag, but it is so so good.  The formula claims to be ultra-sheer, but it does have pigmentation.  You can sheer it down, but I don’t think it is “ultra-sheer.”  However, this is the perfect shade for me and it now comes in lighter and darker shades.  It looks like natural shading which is why I love it so much.  I absolutely agree that it is easy to use and lasts all day long.  I would suggest trying it out first because there are only three shades and this is only worth it if it mimics your natural shading.


Marc Jacobs Beauty Air Blush Soft Glow Duo

The Claims : Customizable color, natural glow, lightweight and radiant, 24-hour wear

This blush comes in five shades.  I got the shade 502 Lines and Last Night which is a pale petal mixed with a peachy rose.  I agree that the blush is customizable because you mix different amounts of the two colors.  It also leaves you with a natural flush and lasts all day long.  However, other blushes do the same thing for less than $42.  The main draw for this product is that it has the two colors so you could think about it as two products.  It is a beautiful blush, but I suggest a less expensive blush such as Milani, Tarte, or even NARS.


Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Palette 5

The Claims : buttery and soft, blend seamlessly, long lasting, ultra-pigmented

At $48 for five shadows, Natasha Denona eyeshadow palettes have a pretty outrageous price.  I only bought the five shade palette in shade 08.  It contains glaze, smoky quartz, golden rose, dark sepia, and golden beige.  I can honestly tell you, these are the best eyeshadows I have ever tried and I do not regret my purchase at all.  The eyeshadows are extremely pigmented.  For the glittery shades, I use a glitter glue just to ensure that there is no fallout.  They also blend super easily.  My only issue is that there are no completely matte shades in this palette, but I still blend them into the crease and they look amazing.  As Natasha says, “The 5 Palette is a great intro to my eyeshadows.”  I would recommend seeing if you like the formula through a five pan palette instead of spending $239 on the 28 pan palette right away.  Also, to make the price sound better, the pans are quite big and when you break down the cost, they aren’t super expensive per single shadow.  Go into a store and swatch these now.  You will likely fall in love as well.


Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder

The Claims : softens the look of skin, color-correcting, perfect illumination

Out of five shades, I chose Dim Light, a neutral peach beige that blurs imperfections and highlights a radiant complexion with a balance of warm and cool tones.  There isn’t really another product like this. It just softly filters your whole face.  But, the difference is very very subtle.  I really don’t think it is a must have, but it does work.  If you want go that extra step to glow from within, this is the product for you.  However, I do note that not all people are that high maintenance.



Obviously, I love all of these products.  The Shiseido Eyelash Curler, Kevyn Aucoin Contour Powder, and Natasha Denona eyeshadows are the absolute best products I have tried in each of their respective categories.  I think the Marc Jacobs blush and the Hourglass Powder are great, but not for everyone.  As with all luxury products, I recommend reading other reviews and testing them out in store if possible because everyone has different opinions.  I hope you will subscribe to get notified when I post the last part of my worth the hype series and I will see you in my next post!


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