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In the past six months, L’oreal has launched three new face masks.  One is meant for exfoliating and refining, another for detoxifying, and the last for mattifying.  Costing $12.99, these masks are pretty affordable for the 1.7 oz of product (same amount as the Glamglow masks which cost $69).  The packaging is quite nice with a clear glass container and a light green plastic top.  Each mask contains a trio of pure clays and has a light fresh scent.



Exfoliate and Refining Treatment Mask (red)

Contains: Trio of Clays, Red Algae, Volcanic Rock

For: Large Pores

As the name suggests, this mask is meant to exfoliate the skin and refine pores.   Like the rest of the masks, you are supposed to leave this on for 10-15 minutes and then wash it off with water.  This mask does not dry down all the way due to the scrubbing particles in it.  Because it doesn’t dry out my skin that much, I put this on my cheeks and the area around my nose.  I have not seen a difference in my pores, but I do get a nice exfoliation from rubbing the mask as I wash it off.


Detox and Brighten Treatment Mask (black)

Contains: Trio of Clays, Charcoal

For: Dull and Tired Skin

This mask is meant to deep clean pores by drawing out impurities, revealing a freshened complexion.  This works just as good as other charcoal masks. I usually put this on my chin area and it leaves my skin feeling very clean.


Purify and Mattify Treatment Mask (green)

Contains: Trio of Clays, Eucalyptus

For: Oily and Shiny skin

This mask is intended to clarify and mattify the skin.  This is the most drying of all the masks.  I use this on my forehead and nose where I am most oily.  It might be too drying elsewhere.  This is definitely my favorite of all of the masks.  It leaves me noticeably more matte for at least a day.  


Overall, I think L’Oreal did a great job on this release.  Each mask has a focused concern so I really enjoy multi-masking with these.  I think they are a great price for the quality.  The only negative that comes to mind is that they can take a while to wash off.  All in all, I would recommend checking these out!



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