Takeover Tuesday – Summer Face Cleansers

Hi!  My name is Carly Curiale. I would like to thank Amanda for this opportunity of Takeover Tuesday. With summer in full swing, clear and healthy looking skin is incomparable to makeup. I thought that I would take this time to share with you all the skin/face cleaners that I typically use. (Aside from the occasional zit, my face has been clear of any sort of breakout for months now.)
Going from left to right: The first product is “Olay Bead Me Up Exfoliating Cleanser“($7.00). As this face wash is light and fresh, this is my go-to face cleanser. It leaves your skin feeling extremely revitalized refreshed and new after each clean. The second product is by Olay as well, and it is “Mandarin Orange and Green Tea Acne Control Scrub” ($10.00). The texture and composition of this cleanser is a bit more intense than the “Bead Me Up” wash, therefore I would recommend using it only when you notice early symptoms of a breakout. As my skin has remained clear for a few months, I have not needed to use this wash, although it’s rich in micro beads and exfoliation. The last cleanser is by Garnier, and it is  “Charcoal Shine Control Cleansing Gel” ($7.99). As the name cites, this cleanser is meant to manage excess oil residue that may build upon the skin, primarily in the “t-zone”. As this is a gel and not an exfoliant, it lacks the micro beads. However, it is gauranteed to leave your skin feeling fresh and renewed after application and wash. I generally use this cleanser in the mornings, if I have accumulated an unnecessary amount of oil during my hours of sleep. Prices listed may vary, depending on the location of purchase.
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Amanda Hwang

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  1. Love this first Takeover Tuesday, I don’t have any of these myself, but I’ll be sure to look at them!

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