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Fun and Practical Ways to Style the Tulle Skirt

The classic tulle skirt is pretty, but most girls would think twice before wearing one. After all, no one wants to look like a ballerina babe on the streets! However, the tulle skirt is one of the underrated outfits, given that many just don’t know how to style it right! For this very special blog, I have talked about some simple ways to dress the tulle skirt. Regardless of your fashion preferences, you will surely find an idea worth trying. Let’s get started!


Add a vintage top: A classic lace top in a matching colour can be the perfect match for tulle. You can complete the look with a pair of high heels, preferably in the pump style. While you can try any colour under the sun, black is surely a better and safer bet in many ways. You can try different kinds of flared designs, depending on what you are comfortable with. A black skirt with a lace black top and a pair of heels can be perfect for any evening gathering or party. You can round off the look with bold red lips and smoky eyes!


Add a nice shirt: Yes, a shirt can go well with a tulle skirt. You don’t need a matching material for this one. If the skirt is too flared, you can still wear a shirt tugged inside. Try some of the pastel shades for this look, such as blue and pink, and you will make no mistake. With blue skirts, you can always go for a denim shirt in a similar colour, while for other shades; you can choose to take a contrasting way, as well.


Add a cropped top: Who doesn’t love the crop top? If you are in shape, you can pair your tulle skirt with a nice crop top, either in a match or in contrast. You can choose to team the skirt with a black crop top, regardless of the colour, which can be simple yet appealing. Crop tops tend to get attention, and hence, the glare will be away from the skirt. Add a nice statement neckpiece to complete the look. Unlike dresses, tulle skirts can be styled with many accessories.


Add a striped top: If you are looking for something more classic, just add a nice horizontal striped top with your tulle skirt. This will help in reducing the effect of tulle as stripes look flat. You can add a nice pair of wedges or even a pair of high pumps to add more dimensions to the entire look. As for the accessories, you can try a pair of nice danglers or a handcuff, depending on the style you want to create. Since stripes are already included in the look, you can safely give the neckpiece a miss!


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Author: Suzy Walsh is a fashion blogger and a stylist by passion and profession. She is best known as the chief editor for The House Of Elegance Fashion – a budding fashion portal on everything related to runway trends and ideas.



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