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At unbelievably low prices, Wet n Wild has some amazing products that rival those of high-end brands.  Because of this, I decided to buy some Wet n Wild products and compare them to some of my favorite more expensive products.  To see where you can save some money, keep reading.



1.  Wet n Wild Photo Focus Eyeshadow Primer (Only a Matter of Prime) vs. Urban Decay’s Primer Potion (Original)

Urban Decay’s primer comes in a purple tube with a flat wand and retails for $20.  Wet n Wild’s primer comes in a white squeeze tube and retails for just a fourth of Urban Decay’s price: $4.99.  Both products are a nude color (the Wet n Wild one has more orangey tones to conceal the blue tones in veins while the Urban Decay one has a more neutral undertone) and blend in easily.  The big difference is that Wet n Wild’s primer is tackier.  This does not impede the blending of eyeshadows; it simply helps to keep shadow in place all day long.  Those with oily eyelids will likely love this, but it might be a little too intense for dry eyelids.


(Top: Wet n Wild Photo Focus, Bottom: Urban Decay Primer Potion)

Is it a Dupe? : No.  The formula is quite different.  Go for the Wet n Wild primer if you have trouble keeping your eyeshadow intense all day.  Stick with the Urban Decay one if you have drier eyelids that need a softer, creamier product.




2.  Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Collection (Comfort Zone) vs. Urban Decay’s Shadows (Chopper, Sin, Smog, Maui Wowie, Mildew, Oil Slick)

Urban Decay’s famed shadows retail at $19 each(the palette pictured is the Urban Decay Ammo Palette which is no longer sold) while Wet n Wild’s palette only cost me $4.99.


(Top: Wet n Wild Comfort Zone, Middle: UD Chopper, Bottom: UD Sin)

First of all, the second shade on the left is more of a satin finish champagne, instead of the orangey-copper glitter shade that is Urban Decay Chopper.  In fact, the Wet n Wild shade could be comparable to Sin, but Sin is a few shades lighter.


(Top: Wet n Wild Comfort Zone, Bottom: UD Smog)

Moving to the third shade on the left and comparing it to UD Smog, it is clear that Smog is more of a dark metallic bronze.  The third shade is more of a light-medium satin brown.dscn6237

(Top: Wet n Wild Comfort Zone, Bottom: Maui Wowie)

Comparing the first shade on the right to UD Maui Wowie, the shades are quite similar.  Both are silvers, but the Wet n Wild one has more yellow tones in it while Maui Wowie is more silver with silver glitter.


(Top: Wet n Wild Comfort Zone, Bottom: UD Mildew)

Moving down to the second shade on the right to compare to UD Mildew, the Wet n Wild one is a lighter green.  Mildew has more olive tones.


(Top: Wet n Wild Comfort Zone, Bottom: UD Oil Slick)

Last is the third shade on the right compared to Oil Slick. They are very similar; Oil Slick just has bigger particles of glitter.

Is it a Dupe? : No.  The colors are not the same and the formulas are different.  However, I highly recommend the Wet n Wild Comfort Zone palette.  It has beautiful colors, pigmentation, and blendibilty for the price.




3.  Wet n Wild Walking on Eggshells vs Too Faced Chocolate Bar (Champagne Truffle, Hazelnut, Marzipan)

The Too Faced Chocolate bar retails for $49, but the Walking on Eggshells Trio from Wet n Wild could have three dupes for just $2.99.  Unfortunately, they are not dupes.  The Wet n Wild trio is nice, but the shades do not match Too Faced.  Champagne Truffle is more pink toned than the first shade in the Wet n Wild Palette.  Hazelnut is darker than the second shade.  Marzipan is pinker than the last shade (the last shade is pretty close to Urban Decay’s Sin though).  Also, all of the Too Faced shadows are more intense.


(Right Top to Bottom: Wet n Wild Walking on Eggshells, Left Top to Bottom: Too Faced Champagne Truffle, Hazelnut, Marzipan)

Is it a Dupe? : No.  The colors and formulas are not very similar.  But if you are looking for neutral colors for an everyday look, Walking on Eggshells could be a good choice.




4.  Wet n Wild Proline Felt Tip Eyeliner (Black) vs. Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner (Trooper)

Wet n Wild’s liner only costs $3.99, but Kat Von D’s liner costs $20.  Both have a fine tip and don’t budge all day long.  However, Kat Von D’s liner has a stiffer applicator which I find easier to work with.  In addition, the Kat Von D liner is a true jet black while the Wet n Wild one leans just a tiny touch more gray.  I found them to look practically the same on the eyes, but on the hand, you can notice slight differences.


(Top: Wet n Wild Proline, Bottom: Kat Von D Tattoo)

Is it a Dupe? : Yes.  They look the same on the eyes.  It depends on which applicator you prefer.




5.  Wet n Wild Come Correct Celebrity Concealer (Medium Golden) vs. It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye (Neutral Medium)

$4.99 is a great price point for the Wet n Wild concealer in comparison to It Cosmetics’s $24.00 concealer.  Both are very thick concealers in a squeeze tube.  The Wet n Wild one leans a little more matte while the It Cosmetics one has a natural finish.  The It Cosmetics’s concealer also claims to be anti-aging and waterproof.  Besides that, they cover almost identically.  The only problems I have with these concealers is the shade selection.  Wet n Wild only has three shades in fair, medium golden, and medium beige.  Fair is almost white, medium golden has yellow undertones and medium beige has pink undertones.  It Cosmetics has four shades in light, medium, tan, and deep.


(Top: Wet n Wild, Bottom: It Cosmetics)

Is it a Dupe? : Yes.  After you set with powder, the finish, wear time, and coverage is the same.


Overall, I really like the Wet n Wild products.  They aren’t necessarily dupes to the products I have, but they perform quite well, especially for the price point. I would definitely recommend trying them out!



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